Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Proof that Storm Is Gaining Weight.

This is the height and weight measurements for Storm. Her height is within the 3rd percentile which is normal since she is part Asian and her parents aren't that tall to begin with.

On Monday, the MCFD social worker (S and a witness - another social worker) came by to see the house, and to see Storm. They saw with their own eyes that the place was clean and tidy and Storm was growing well. The meeting was tape recorded under BC PIPA.

On Tuesday, Storm went and got her vaccinations. She hasn't been feeling well and has been running a slight temp. And we have been monitoring that. There is no adverse reaction to the vaccination. When we went to the Public Health office, we weighed and measured her and she is within the 85th percentile in "height and weight combined" and above the 50th percentile in terms of weight and the 3rd percentile in height. The thing is that she's not very tall due to the fact that my baby girl is born to two parents who aren't very tall to begin with. Her mother is 4' 10", I'm 5'7". So she won't be very big maybe a few inches taller than her mother.

Overall, she is doing very well and combined, she is roughly in the 85th percentile which means that she is doing very well. If the MCFD decides to tell me that I am "neglectful" of my daughter. They will have a lawsuit launched against them for slander.

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