Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MCFD Tactic - Call and Harass.

Evidently. S (our social worker) called back just as my wife was getting ready to head out to take Storm (our daughter) to the pediatrician for her monthly checkup (to monitor her weight). She kept her on the phone for damned near close to half an hour. In that time, I was watching the clock, watching it get closer and closer to the appointment time. My wife walked up to the King George and evidently she was still at King George Skytrain Station at 10:08 when she called me. So my wife ends up being late for the pediatrician appointment and as far as I'm concerned, the social worker is to blame on this one. I will be logging this down and going for the jugular if they try to pin this down as my wife's fault.

I warned the social worker, loudly, in the background, that I'm logging this down that she delayed my wife getting out of the house for the appointment and that if my wife is late for the appointment, then I'm going to make sure that our lawyer hears about this.

Waiting to hear what the pediatrician says about Storm's progress weight-wise. Heather's OB-GYN, Dr. S. Ross was really pleased with her weight progress on Monday.

Update: Dr. H. Reysner - our pediatrician for Storm is glowing about Storm's weight gain and that she is well on her way to being of normal weight with the feedings that we have been giving her.


  1. Heya,

    Keep up the good fight!

    We too are being harassed by mcfd and our daughter has been labelled as "at risk" for entirely bogus reasons.

    In grade 1 the school suggested some counselling because of the change to a new school and with me being a new stepdad in her life. The counselling was a sham, and only led to 100 hours of counselling over 2 years outside the school and 300 hours of group counselling at the school. We terminated the school counselling and the outside counselling because we were noticing she was forming a warped sense of adults being peers and she was not interested in kids her own age. She never experienced any trauma or abuse she is a happy smiling kid.

    The counselling service called to do a follow up and ask what we thought of their services. Well after our daughter found out she wasnt going to counselling any more she exploded and said she didnt want her mom to be her mom anymore and she wanted the counsellor to be her mom my girlfriend told them exactly what she thought of their services. She has a degree in health sciences and was rattling off peer reviewed studies that show that play based therapy is unproven to do anything positive and long term play therapy has been demonstrated to be harmful - showing up in the exact symptoms we noticed of emotional attachment to the therapist and a warped sense of peership with adults.

    Well the counsellors called mcfd and said that our daughter was at risk and that we needed help, but were refusing counselling (ironic, seeing as when we described that the counselling caused the problem they recommended more counselling, and that we had no problem sending her for a hundred sessions with no clue why she was still going).

    Now they have reviewed our file with a panel and have determined that my girlfriend needs to undertake some six month once or twice per week positive parenting course.

    We are obtaining a lawyer. This whole pain in the ass is because the counselling service wanted to cover their ass for screwing up. Their own website states that they do not do sessions for longer than six weeks and that there is supposed to be a meeting with the parent to follow up after each session. Our daughter went to a hundred sessions and we only had two talks with the counsellor.

    Keep up the good fight! These mcfd people are wack!

    1. Please sign this petition to stop the abuse of children and families by the MCFD