Thursday, October 10, 2013

More F*NG Cleanup!!!

More f*ng cleanup! Anyways. There's a few more things that we have to do in order to make things nicey-nice. Well, here goes. Today we'll be working on the living room where we'll be sweeping the floor, mopping the floor and dusting the shelves and organizing it so that it looks tidy, Storm's room, the hallway which seems to collect dust on a minute-by-minute basis and pretty much has to be kept on top of every other day it seems. We also will be working on the downstairs room which is the storage room. The boys will work on the bedroom after they get back from going over to Grandma's. Tomorrow, I'll tackle the sink, mop the floor and make things a little more presentable. But we'll see just exactly what we can get done today.

OK...back home from getting my daughter to day-care and into washing the last of the cutlery that needed washing. Finished sweeping the kitchen floor and now into boiling some water so that I have some good extremely hot water and disinfectant to mop the floor. Then I will sweep and mop the living room floor. In the interim, I've folded clothes, so that the clothes are all done.

I have to say that I have some major complaints about the size of the kitchen. When two adults stand in the middle of this kitchen, both will feel claustrophobic. That's how small this damned kitchen is. I keep saying "one of these days..." but it's definite. There is going to be an entire revamping of the layout of this house. Sooner than later, if I win the Lotto Max - have to play though. However given the choice between playing Lotto and having a better financial situation, I've got better things to spend our money on - our kids.

0955 - Kitchen and bathroom mopped. Laundry folded and neatly set up to put away; stove-top cleaned off. My kids will put away the dishes when they get home from school - that's one of their tasks.

1257 - Working on daughter's bedroom to organize it better than it currently is.

Daughter's closet is now cleared out but unfortunately we have to share closet space until we manage to get some sort of decent built in closet in our bedroom.

Toyboxes/Diaper ChangeStation-Bookshelf Unit completely cleaned up and non-toybox toys are all stacked neatly. Meanwhile my wife is going through her winter clothes.

Prior to making the bed. Shot of Dad's Desk where I still have to work on getting it clear, but the rest of the listed stuff that needs doing comes first.

Foot of daughter's bed.

Bed made up, and excess stuffies placed neatly on rocking chair.

After four hours of tackling my daughter's bedroom, it now looks like this. The top shelf has Easter and Christmas wrapping since we don't have a place for those things with easy accessibility. My desk has to stay where it is as we have no other place for it and I need a place to work myself.

Evidently, the rocking-chair is the gathering place for the over-flow stuffed animals until we can somehow manage to get a proper toy box.

My wife is at the point where it pisses her completely off that they come into our home finding things to nitpick about.

A copy of this letter has been e-mailed to my lawyer as well as my wife's lawyer.

Excuse me, but my home is never, ever going to reach this pinnacle of "clean".

So sorry to disappoint...

Friday, February 15, 2013

BC MCFD Objects to Lawful Self-Employment (Not Officially Of Course)

BC MCFD does not like the idea of self-employment. Of course, it's against one's Human Rights to insist on that and MCFD knows that. I have a wildlife photography business. It has been in the development phase for the past six years since I didn't have enough money to get the necessary gear to pursue it fully. I still don't have the one "money-making" lens and tripod that I need, which will end up costing me $10,000+, however I am making headway in potentially acquiring it in the next year.

BC MCFD's view has been "well, we can't say that you can't do your wildlife photography..." but their actions have spoken something completely different. At the services review meeting a few weeks ago, our social worker, S. threatened us with the statements: "We don't want to have to look into another supervision order for Storm." and "We are looking at your two older children..." as well as the attorney letter indicating that there has been "child protection concerns" so close on the heels of those verbal threats based on the other three children clearly indicates that the MCFD has had a problem with me pursuing my self-employment in photography." Clearly with these actions, they are indicating their disapproval of my choice of self-employment."

If I was pimping out my wife to earn money and beating the hell out of my kids, then I'm sure the Ministry would have reasonable grounds to object to my pursuing my chosen line of work. However, last I heard, professional wildlife photography, though not a great income earner, was considered a legal above-board line of employment. And clearly it is a logical choice as I have the skill set necessary for a potentially successful wildlife photography career though started late in life.

A few of my images:

My other professional images are on FalconRose Photography @

It is evident that BC MCFD is an entity out of control, wanting nothing more than complete cooperation or reprisals will be dealt out. It is a sick and rabid government organization. Especially when a father can't work in his chosen lawful field of occupation because the MCFD objects needlessly and in contravention of the BC Human Rights Commission, then there is something seriously wrong. It isn't just my case. There are numerous cases where the MCFD has destroyed families financially. It just so happens that they won't do it to me. I'm going to stand up and fight.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

MCFD Viewpoint: Continuing Risk... BULLSHIT!

My wife's lawyer has received a letter from the MCFD's attorney saying that "Social Worker S. has child protection concerns regarding the other three children in the house." Unfortunately the lawyer will not clearly indicate what those "child protection concerns" are. That is the vague wording that they oft-times use to enable them leverage to put any sort of spin that they want on the baseless accusations. This is unacceptable. A person has the right to know exactly what the claims of "child protection concerns" are against them so that they can remedy the situation. Yet the MCFD wishes to continue to play the "blame game" and not solidify their position.

The only conclusion that I can infer from their reluctance to specify the "child protection concerns" is that they are aiming for my other three children. "Social Worker S. informs me (the MCFD lawyer) that she has child protection concerns regarding the other three children in the home, but at this time is not pursuing any legal remedies". The Ministry has been in our lives for 4 plus years now. If there were any legitimate "concerns" they would have moved on them by now. This is a tactic that smells of "intimidation". The house is kept clean and functional though maybe not to what they would consider "functional" which in my view is "showroom clean". It is simply a method by which they keep the parents on their guard and stressed out.

S. phoned my wife yesterday and asked if she could speak to the children at their school privately, with no parents present. As one could suspect, we decided to go to our lawyer with that ludicrous proposal to see what her viewpoint on that would be.

Despite the vindication of Sunny Hill's diagnosis; the MCFD are still pressing for "neglect". The report stated as follows: "ASD is not caused by something the parents have done or by the way the child is raised or the environment they live in", furthermore "There is no clear cause or etiology to Jamie's challenges, but in light of the evidence of the cortical dysplasia/underdevelopment of the frontal lobe, Jamie has a clear neurologic basis to his developmental delay and behavioral presentation" to which the MCFD lawyer replied "The Ministry of Children and Family Development ("MCFD")has child protection concerns relating to" my wife and myself"'s care of Jamie Chikamori. The concerns are for the likelihood of neglect" which is completely ignoring the result of a certified doctor (Dr. G. from Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. Considering that they have made another unwarranted accusation of "neglect" I'm starting to feel that I have a pretty strong case for libel/slander.

On top of the load of bullshit that the MCFD is presenting through their attorney, they have made a demand for a PCA (Parental Capacity Assessment) to be done. It has been my belief substantiated by numerous references by, that the CPA is done by MCFD flunkies (paid psychologists who work for the MCFD) and are heavily weighted in favor of the MCFD. If not "complied with" - another of their favorite threats - they will be forced to seek a court order to compel me with undue influence to complete a CPA under duress under Sect. 59 of the Child, Family and Community Service Act (CFCSA). I am tempted to tell them where to stick it even with the court order and stand my ground and get sent to jail for contempt of court to prove my point. To me, telling my wife's lawyer that "you won't get anything out of us unless you comply with what we want" is tantamount to extortion and blackmail.

My wife's lawyer has managed to submit a request to MCFD for a copy of their file but my gut feeling is that they will do everything they can to delay the process and prevent us from getting anything but a sanitized version of the file while they keep the documents that could exonerate us.

No, I don't feel that there is a fair system in place for Child Protection, nor do I feel that the MCFD is operating with anything other than profits in mind. And the fact that they will lie and prevaricate and conjure up false evidence to portray the parents in a negative light while keeping themselves looking squeaky clean is tantamount to fraud. And I'm done with "playing" with these fraudsters!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vindicated by Sunny Hill.

Unfortunately I will not be able to sue the pediatrician (she sidestepped a financially crushing bullet there) as the statute of limitations for libel is 2 years. Dr. K in New West was all set to nail me to the wall for "nutritional neglect" and she was trying for child abuse.

As it stands, the Sunny Hill assessment indicated that Jamie was on the severe side of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Well, that still isn't good enough for MCFD and they decided to pull another one of their intimidation tactics. Two weeks after the assessment they put in a court order for "adoption". Well, our lawyer has been notified and we are prepping for a major court battle. And trust me, they have tangled with the wrong person. I refuse to go down without a fight. If I win, I pretty much will have set my children up for life financially. You don't mess with my family without getting absolutely bruised.

Their inability to articulate that nebulous assertion of "continuing risk" into plain written English along with the "continually moving goalposts" in their risk reduction plan and the Human Rights violation of telling me via their "point-man" from Project Parent that I shouldn't have a job simply because it is self-employment is setting them up for a nasty fall.

All I'm going to do is continue to keep the faith that our lawyer can pull out a substantial win in our favor. Because the only way to ensure that the Ministry cannot do this to another family is to sue them to the point of destroying their financial budget for the rest of the decade.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Play Along, But Be Wary.

One of the things that I've noticed that affects people when they have to deal with the Ministry is "depression". Most of this comes from the extreme stress that the Ministry inflicts on a family. I've found some instances of not having interest in the things that I usually have interest in (namely photography - I have no interest in continuing and that's a dangerous situation in that it is the only other possible method of gaining income (at least for me). All I seem to be interested in is making sure that my family is reunited. In essence, I've sacrificed my financial future for the children. The only thing that I can do is hope that my sacrifice will bear fruit in the success of my children. Not that I wish to benefit from my children's success, but I wish nothing other than they have an easier life than I have had.

Some marriages (if they are already on the rocks) will not survive. The stress of having a child removed will inevitably eat at the family foundation and it is only a strong marriage that can survive that kind of onslaught. The only way to survive is to link up as a family and form a united front against all attempts to divide and conquer.

With Infant Development helping out with Jamie and with Storm, I'm sure that they will develop normally. We have a three month court supervision order on Storm, and hopefully they will find that she is developing normally to the point where she doesn't need to be supervised any longer. We are working on finding out what is wrong with Jamie and hopefully we are to be informed of that in the near future with Sunny Hill Children's Hospital.

The visits have been moved (at our insistence) to a place more suitable to us to facilitate getting there quickly. We have also been allowed to photograph Jamie however we have not been allowed to tape the meeting. The best thing is to interact with the child and not mention anything outside of the child's progress.

Jamie and Storm, as siblings separated by circumstance, have been interacting with each other and playing. Jamie still doesn't know what to make of Storm and Storm doesn't know what to make of Jamie. I see that occasionally with Storm, the little green-eyed monster of envy crops up, "Who are you...and why are you monopolizing my Daddy." We just try to spread our affections to the both of them equally.

I will play with the MCFD's demands, but I will not hesitate to bite back if they pull a fast one. I'm not going to roll over if they try to pull one of their tricks. They will do what we require: and that is two things: #1. They will facilitate finding out what is wrong with Jamie and find a way to treat him and #2. Once we are able to manage taking care of Jamie, they will get the hell out and stay out of our family. That is the only solution that wil be acceptable to us. Get Legal-Aid if you can't afford to pay a lawyer to fight. And find out from the lawyer if MCFD's demands are reasonable. If they are, take steps to meet them. You must have the high-ground in any fight with MCFD. Make sure that they don't have any way of throwing dirt at you from above. Do what you have to do to secure the "high ground".

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Proof that Storm Is Gaining Weight.

This is the height and weight measurements for Storm. Her height is within the 3rd percentile which is normal since she is part Asian and her parents aren't that tall to begin with.

On Monday, the MCFD social worker (S and a witness - another social worker) came by to see the house, and to see Storm. They saw with their own eyes that the place was clean and tidy and Storm was growing well. The meeting was tape recorded under BC PIPA.

On Tuesday, Storm went and got her vaccinations. She hasn't been feeling well and has been running a slight temp. And we have been monitoring that. There is no adverse reaction to the vaccination. When we went to the Public Health office, we weighed and measured her and she is within the 85th percentile in "height and weight combined" and above the 50th percentile in terms of weight and the 3rd percentile in height. The thing is that she's not very tall due to the fact that my baby girl is born to two parents who aren't very tall to begin with. Her mother is 4' 10", I'm 5'7". So she won't be very big maybe a few inches taller than her mother.

Overall, she is doing very well and combined, she is roughly in the 85th percentile which means that she is doing very well. If the MCFD decides to tell me that I am "neglectful" of my daughter. They will have a lawsuit launched against them for slander.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stress: A Useful MCFD Tool to Break Up Families

This has been one hell of a week. My baby girl is under fire from MCFD. In the space of 4 months, I have put her over the 50th percentile by putting her on a high-fat diet and she is well out of danger, yet, they want to pursue a court supervision order (based on nutritional neglect????). The court date is Thursday for Jamie, next Thursday for Storm. Dr. S. Ross and Dr. H. Reysner are saying that they no longer need to monitor her because she is in normal development mode. I've also gotten IDP involved personally in order to make sure that her speech and social development is not missed as well.

So far the MCFD has done nothing with Jamie, no pushing for testing, just happily go merrily along their way. And they're saying that I'm a bad father. BULLSHIT! I'd like to take the opportunity to tell SZ to go jump off a cliff. I'm going to be logging every interaction from now on with the MCFD and I know I will catch them in a lie.

I've been also checking my blood pressure for the past few days regularly with the purchase of a blood pressure cuff digital monitor . The last four measurements have been S/D/P, 134/99/74, 142/90/79, 127/91/70, and 115/89/65. This puts me squarely into hypertension. The stress that MCFD inflicts can be monitored by taking your blood pressure after calls, visits and meetings. There should be a sharp spike into Stage 1 hypertension. They cannot say with irrefutable medical proof that they do not intend to cause stress in families. Enough stress and families can crack both mentally and physically. And that is their aim. "Inflict enough stress, then use that as an excuse to break up a family". I fully intend to bring them to account.

MCFD has to be made to pay for what they are doing to British Columbia families.