Thursday, October 10, 2013

More F*NG Cleanup!!!

More f*ng cleanup! Anyways. There's a few more things that we have to do in order to make things nicey-nice. Well, here goes. Today we'll be working on the living room where we'll be sweeping the floor, mopping the floor and dusting the shelves and organizing it so that it looks tidy, Storm's room, the hallway which seems to collect dust on a minute-by-minute basis and pretty much has to be kept on top of every other day it seems. We also will be working on the downstairs room which is the storage room. The boys will work on the bedroom after they get back from going over to Grandma's. Tomorrow, I'll tackle the sink, mop the floor and make things a little more presentable. But we'll see just exactly what we can get done today.

OK...back home from getting my daughter to day-care and into washing the last of the cutlery that needed washing. Finished sweeping the kitchen floor and now into boiling some water so that I have some good extremely hot water and disinfectant to mop the floor. Then I will sweep and mop the living room floor. In the interim, I've folded clothes, so that the clothes are all done.

I have to say that I have some major complaints about the size of the kitchen. When two adults stand in the middle of this kitchen, both will feel claustrophobic. That's how small this damned kitchen is. I keep saying "one of these days..." but it's definite. There is going to be an entire revamping of the layout of this house. Sooner than later, if I win the Lotto Max - have to play though. However given the choice between playing Lotto and having a better financial situation, I've got better things to spend our money on - our kids.

0955 - Kitchen and bathroom mopped. Laundry folded and neatly set up to put away; stove-top cleaned off. My kids will put away the dishes when they get home from school - that's one of their tasks.

1257 - Working on daughter's bedroom to organize it better than it currently is.

Daughter's closet is now cleared out but unfortunately we have to share closet space until we manage to get some sort of decent built in closet in our bedroom.

Toyboxes/Diaper ChangeStation-Bookshelf Unit completely cleaned up and non-toybox toys are all stacked neatly. Meanwhile my wife is going through her winter clothes.

Prior to making the bed. Shot of Dad's Desk where I still have to work on getting it clear, but the rest of the listed stuff that needs doing comes first.

Foot of daughter's bed.

Bed made up, and excess stuffies placed neatly on rocking chair.

After four hours of tackling my daughter's bedroom, it now looks like this. The top shelf has Easter and Christmas wrapping since we don't have a place for those things with easy accessibility. My desk has to stay where it is as we have no other place for it and I need a place to work myself.

Evidently, the rocking-chair is the gathering place for the over-flow stuffed animals until we can somehow manage to get a proper toy box.

My wife is at the point where it pisses her completely off that they come into our home finding things to nitpick about.

A copy of this letter has been e-mailed to my lawyer as well as my wife's lawyer.

Excuse me, but my home is never, ever going to reach this pinnacle of "clean".

So sorry to disappoint...


  1. I as a parent who has had both children removed understand the frustration of how picky they can be on how clean your home should be as well they like to imblish facts in their reports to make it more sever than it really is

    1. Please sign this petition to stop the abuse of children and families by the MCFD

  2. Please sign this petition to stop the abuse of children and families by the MCFD