Friday, February 15, 2013

BC MCFD Objects to Lawful Self-Employment (Not Officially Of Course)

BC MCFD does not like the idea of self-employment. Of course, it's against one's Human Rights to insist on that and MCFD knows that. I have a wildlife photography business. It has been in the development phase for the past six years since I didn't have enough money to get the necessary gear to pursue it fully. I still don't have the one "money-making" lens and tripod that I need, which will end up costing me $10,000+, however I am making headway in potentially acquiring it in the next year.

BC MCFD's view has been "well, we can't say that you can't do your wildlife photography..." but their actions have spoken something completely different. At the services review meeting a few weeks ago, our social worker, S. threatened us with the statements: "We don't want to have to look into another supervision order for Storm." and "We are looking at your two older children..." as well as the attorney letter indicating that there has been "child protection concerns" so close on the heels of those verbal threats based on the other three children clearly indicates that the MCFD has had a problem with me pursuing my self-employment in photography." Clearly with these actions, they are indicating their disapproval of my choice of self-employment."

If I was pimping out my wife to earn money and beating the hell out of my kids, then I'm sure the Ministry would have reasonable grounds to object to my pursuing my chosen line of work. However, last I heard, professional wildlife photography, though not a great income earner, was considered a legal above-board line of employment. And clearly it is a logical choice as I have the skill set necessary for a potentially successful wildlife photography career though started late in life.

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It is evident that BC MCFD is an entity out of control, wanting nothing more than complete cooperation or reprisals will be dealt out. It is a sick and rabid government organization. Especially when a father can't work in his chosen lawful field of occupation because the MCFD objects needlessly and in contravention of the BC Human Rights Commission, then there is something seriously wrong. It isn't just my case. There are numerous cases where the MCFD has destroyed families financially. It just so happens that they won't do it to me. I'm going to stand up and fight.

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  1. They r pure poison and we need all parents to stand up. Good for you. Im starting a group who supports parents going through this in the comox valley. The more knowledge we have the less they are able to contiue their illegal bs.