Thursday, February 14, 2013

MCFD Viewpoint: Continuing Risk... BULLSHIT!

My wife's lawyer has received a letter from the MCFD's attorney saying that "Social Worker S. has child protection concerns regarding the other three children in the house." Unfortunately the lawyer will not clearly indicate what those "child protection concerns" are. That is the vague wording that they oft-times use to enable them leverage to put any sort of spin that they want on the baseless accusations. This is unacceptable. A person has the right to know exactly what the claims of "child protection concerns" are against them so that they can remedy the situation. Yet the MCFD wishes to continue to play the "blame game" and not solidify their position.

The only conclusion that I can infer from their reluctance to specify the "child protection concerns" is that they are aiming for my other three children. "Social Worker S. informs me (the MCFD lawyer) that she has child protection concerns regarding the other three children in the home, but at this time is not pursuing any legal remedies". The Ministry has been in our lives for 4 plus years now. If there were any legitimate "concerns" they would have moved on them by now. This is a tactic that smells of "intimidation". The house is kept clean and functional though maybe not to what they would consider "functional" which in my view is "showroom clean". It is simply a method by which they keep the parents on their guard and stressed out.

S. phoned my wife yesterday and asked if she could speak to the children at their school privately, with no parents present. As one could suspect, we decided to go to our lawyer with that ludicrous proposal to see what her viewpoint on that would be.

Despite the vindication of Sunny Hill's diagnosis; the MCFD are still pressing for "neglect". The report stated as follows: "ASD is not caused by something the parents have done or by the way the child is raised or the environment they live in", furthermore "There is no clear cause or etiology to Jamie's challenges, but in light of the evidence of the cortical dysplasia/underdevelopment of the frontal lobe, Jamie has a clear neurologic basis to his developmental delay and behavioral presentation" to which the MCFD lawyer replied "The Ministry of Children and Family Development ("MCFD")has child protection concerns relating to" my wife and myself"'s care of Jamie Chikamori. The concerns are for the likelihood of neglect" which is completely ignoring the result of a certified doctor (Dr. G. from Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children. Considering that they have made another unwarranted accusation of "neglect" I'm starting to feel that I have a pretty strong case for libel/slander.

On top of the load of bullshit that the MCFD is presenting through their attorney, they have made a demand for a PCA (Parental Capacity Assessment) to be done. It has been my belief substantiated by numerous references by, that the CPA is done by MCFD flunkies (paid psychologists who work for the MCFD) and are heavily weighted in favor of the MCFD. If not "complied with" - another of their favorite threats - they will be forced to seek a court order to compel me with undue influence to complete a CPA under duress under Sect. 59 of the Child, Family and Community Service Act (CFCSA). I am tempted to tell them where to stick it even with the court order and stand my ground and get sent to jail for contempt of court to prove my point. To me, telling my wife's lawyer that "you won't get anything out of us unless you comply with what we want" is tantamount to extortion and blackmail.

My wife's lawyer has managed to submit a request to MCFD for a copy of their file but my gut feeling is that they will do everything they can to delay the process and prevent us from getting anything but a sanitized version of the file while they keep the documents that could exonerate us.

No, I don't feel that there is a fair system in place for Child Protection, nor do I feel that the MCFD is operating with anything other than profits in mind. And the fact that they will lie and prevaricate and conjure up false evidence to portray the parents in a negative light while keeping themselves looking squeaky clean is tantamount to fraud. And I'm done with "playing" with these fraudsters!


  1. If MCFD accuse you of neglect and you werent aware of child maintenance how is it still neglect when they denied you services? Further more how is thier word more power than a Doctors the have way to much power and just remove children fir funding its all bull shit!

  2. See my page lisa arlin
    Or province news paper
    We knew it was fraud and now documents were given to the media now we just wait the Ministry for Children and Family development has comitted fraud and with adoptions says the Press wait till this hits the media.

  3. They r corrupt you need to look into the legal aspect your self most lawyers are there to keep it in the system. Once u start doing that and filing motions yourself the courts will back off cause the judges dont want to b tied to such things. I did that myself and i got my kids back and them off me after only 4 months. I never signed anything and never agreed with anything the minisrty wanted and no judge would sign off on it. Do not do it unless its court ordred not consent order cause that means u consented to it. You can take that back.