Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vindicated by Sunny Hill.

Unfortunately I will not be able to sue the pediatrician (she sidestepped a financially crushing bullet there) as the statute of limitations for libel is 2 years. Dr. K in New West was all set to nail me to the wall for "nutritional neglect" and she was trying for child abuse.

As it stands, the Sunny Hill assessment indicated that Jamie was on the severe side of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Well, that still isn't good enough for MCFD and they decided to pull another one of their intimidation tactics. Two weeks after the assessment they put in a court order for "adoption". Well, our lawyer has been notified and we are prepping for a major court battle. And trust me, they have tangled with the wrong person. I refuse to go down without a fight. If I win, I pretty much will have set my children up for life financially. You don't mess with my family without getting absolutely bruised.

Their inability to articulate that nebulous assertion of "continuing risk" into plain written English along with the "continually moving goalposts" in their risk reduction plan and the Human Rights violation of telling me via their "point-man" from Project Parent that I shouldn't have a job simply because it is self-employment is setting them up for a nasty fall.

All I'm going to do is continue to keep the faith that our lawyer can pull out a substantial win in our favor. Because the only way to ensure that the Ministry cannot do this to another family is to sue them to the point of destroying their financial budget for the rest of the decade.

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