Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Play Along, But Be Wary.

One of the things that I've noticed that affects people when they have to deal with the Ministry is "depression". Most of this comes from the extreme stress that the Ministry inflicts on a family. I've found some instances of not having interest in the things that I usually have interest in (namely photography - I have no interest in continuing and that's a dangerous situation in that it is the only other possible method of gaining income (at least for me). All I seem to be interested in is making sure that my family is reunited. In essence, I've sacrificed my financial future for the children. The only thing that I can do is hope that my sacrifice will bear fruit in the success of my children. Not that I wish to benefit from my children's success, but I wish nothing other than they have an easier life than I have had.

Some marriages (if they are already on the rocks) will not survive. The stress of having a child removed will inevitably eat at the family foundation and it is only a strong marriage that can survive that kind of onslaught. The only way to survive is to link up as a family and form a united front against all attempts to divide and conquer.

With Infant Development helping out with Jamie and with Storm, I'm sure that they will develop normally. We have a three month court supervision order on Storm, and hopefully they will find that she is developing normally to the point where she doesn't need to be supervised any longer. We are working on finding out what is wrong with Jamie and hopefully we are to be informed of that in the near future with Sunny Hill Children's Hospital.

The visits have been moved (at our insistence) to a place more suitable to us to facilitate getting there quickly. We have also been allowed to photograph Jamie however we have not been allowed to tape the meeting. The best thing is to interact with the child and not mention anything outside of the child's progress.

Jamie and Storm, as siblings separated by circumstance, have been interacting with each other and playing. Jamie still doesn't know what to make of Storm and Storm doesn't know what to make of Jamie. I see that occasionally with Storm, the little green-eyed monster of envy crops up, "Who are you...and why are you monopolizing my Daddy." We just try to spread our affections to the both of them equally.

I will play with the MCFD's demands, but I will not hesitate to bite back if they pull a fast one. I'm not going to roll over if they try to pull one of their tricks. They will do what we require: and that is two things: #1. They will facilitate finding out what is wrong with Jamie and find a way to treat him and #2. Once we are able to manage taking care of Jamie, they will get the hell out and stay out of our family. That is the only solution that wil be acceptable to us. Get Legal-Aid if you can't afford to pay a lawyer to fight. And find out from the lawyer if MCFD's demands are reasonable. If they are, take steps to meet them. You must have the high-ground in any fight with MCFD. Make sure that they don't have any way of throwing dirt at you from above. Do what you have to do to secure the "high ground".


  1. Please sign this petition to stop the abuse of children and families by the MCFD

  2. Do not agree to the supervision order anymore look up the laws fight them in court. You nevwr need ti agree to their bs. They will keep that suoervision order going fir as long as u agree to it. Watch your lawyer they r telling u things to keep it in the system for as long as possible.