Monday, April 23, 2012

Stress: A Useful MCFD Tool to Break Up Families

This has been one hell of a week. My baby girl is under fire from MCFD. In the space of 4 months, I have put her over the 50th percentile by putting her on a high-fat diet and she is well out of danger, yet, they want to pursue a court supervision order (based on nutritional neglect????). The court date is Thursday for Jamie, next Thursday for Storm. Dr. S. Ross and Dr. H. Reysner are saying that they no longer need to monitor her because she is in normal development mode. I've also gotten IDP involved personally in order to make sure that her speech and social development is not missed as well.

So far the MCFD has done nothing with Jamie, no pushing for testing, just happily go merrily along their way. And they're saying that I'm a bad father. BULLSHIT! I'd like to take the opportunity to tell SZ to go jump off a cliff. I'm going to be logging every interaction from now on with the MCFD and I know I will catch them in a lie.

I've been also checking my blood pressure for the past few days regularly with the purchase of a blood pressure cuff digital monitor . The last four measurements have been S/D/P, 134/99/74, 142/90/79, 127/91/70, and 115/89/65. This puts me squarely into hypertension. The stress that MCFD inflicts can be monitored by taking your blood pressure after calls, visits and meetings. There should be a sharp spike into Stage 1 hypertension. They cannot say with irrefutable medical proof that they do not intend to cause stress in families. Enough stress and families can crack both mentally and physically. And that is their aim. "Inflict enough stress, then use that as an excuse to break up a family". I fully intend to bring them to account.

MCFD has to be made to pay for what they are doing to British Columbia families.


  1. I wanna make them pay for what they are doing to my family. Too long of a story to fully explain, but basically manipulated me into a voluntary agreement for my oldest son. Now I am doing EVERYTHING they are saying I have to and they refuse to give him back now! They NEED to pay for all the emotional damages they cause! (depression, high blood pressure etc.) We need to all band together and open a class action suit against them!

    1. Please sign this petition to stop the abuse of children and families by the MCFD

    2. Hey since you voluntarily signed you can take that back. You are allowed to do that. Look up the law file a motion and state that you signed under destress from their pressure and say you dont consent anymore and watch things change. Also look up mother who beat the system in ontario. Make sure u put child protection somewhere in that google search

  2. Please sign this petition to stop the abuse of children and families by the MCFD