Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Miss You, Jamie, So Much...

Let this be a warning to all those who try to cross this Dad. He is pissed off and looking for blood.

I promised my son when he was born, that I would never let anyone hurt him and I have failed. I failed in my duty as a father. I suppose I was supposed to not grieve my father's passing, stick it behind me and not have to deal with it. I blame myself for my father's death (I was the one who had to decide to turn the life-support off - after his heart-attack (my mother couldn't do it, she was too distraught and left the decision up to me - there was no brain activity, all that was left was a body which couldn't exist without life-support) and I blame myself for that every single day), and I blame myself for what has happened with Jamie. And I've sworn to never let Storm be treated that way or to ever let the Ministry get their hands on her. They will do so over my dead body riddled with bullets from RCMP guns.

My wife and Jamie - ©FalconRose Photography, all rights reserved - photo taken by me

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